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Bio-One of New Haven Celebrates Crime Prevention Month

Bio-One Celebrates National Crime

Prevention Month

What is National Crime Prevention Month?  


Happy October, everyone! Did you know that October is National Crime Prevention Month? If you didn’t, it’s okay. Today we’re going to talk about what it is, why it’s important, and how you can help keep yourself and your community safer this year. First off, what is National Crime Prevention Month (NCPM)? October was dedicated to this cause in the early 1980s as an attempt to get everyone involved in making their neighborhoods more secure. The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) who hosts the event each year works with many entities both public and private to increase awareness and ultimately prevent crime. October 2020 marks the 40th Anniversary of their beloved mascot McGruff who stars in their commercials and other promotional materials. 



Why is National Crime Prevention Month Important?


Each year, the NCPC highlights many topics of which the public may not be aware and seeks to educate as many people as possible in order to decrease crime across the nation. The NCPC believes that if we all work together, we can defend our neighborhoods from preventable crimes! They work hard to meet this mission by hosting trainings, distributing promotional materials, and airing public service announcements across the country. Read on to be informed about this year's topics. 

Week 1, October 1 – 3:  McGruff® Turns 40!

Who is McGruff?

McGruff the Crime Dog is a mascot donned in a trench coat howling an iconic tagline, “Take a Bite out of Crime”, that was introduced in 1980 to popularize crime prevention efforts by the National Crime Prevention Council. You may know him as the dog from the Neighborhood Watch signs. This year he turns 40 years old, and as an introduction to the month and the cause, the council urges you to share your favorite memories of him with them on social media. 

Week 2, October 5 – 9: Stay Safe. Go For Real.

Next up, the NCPC is urging consumers to do their homework and buy genuine products over counterfeit. They aim to educate buyers on the dangers of buying fake, not generic, products. Many companies take advantage of the rising prices of goods and services and convince consumers that they can save money this way. They use the names of brands people already trust and can make you pay double or triple what a product is actually worth while skimping on safety regulations. These products use theft and counterfeit of intellectual property to fund criminal activity like human and drug trafficking.

Week 3, October 12 – 16: Working Together to Reduce Violent Crime

Next week, the NCPC reminds us that everyone is responsible for reducing the harm caused by violent crime, and they help us by informing our communities how to do this effectively. The council can teach you emergency preparedness, how to avoid intellectual property theft and financial fraud, as well as many community building skills. You can learn more about their Celebrate Safe Communities program on their website.

Week 4, October 19 – 23: Promoting Public Health and Safety in Communities

Throughout the past 2 years, lung injuries and deaths related to the use of black-market nicotine and marijuana vaping devices have skyrocketed. Over 2,000 cases have been reported. The council also wishes to spread awareness of the distribution of illegal vape products especially to teens and youth. Buying black-market vape products increases the risks to health and life of our children, and it’s important to understand how to keep kids safe. With a respiratory pandemic looming over us, it’s important to reduce potential damage to our lungs. If you or someone you know is already experiencing addiction related to these products, you may be able to quit by using FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapies


Week 5, October 26 – 30: Protect Your PIN: Outsmart Fraudsters

Hacking isn’t like the movies. In fact, most hackers don’t need enhanced computer skills because they get your personal information through a tactic called social engineering. You may not be suspicious of a friendly face asking you about your first pet or car, where you went to school as a kid, or where you were born, but these are all answers to common security questions used on websites to reset your passwords. They make casual conversation asking seemingly innocent questions or pretend to be a representative of an organization you trust which primes you to give them the information they need to hurt your wallet. In 2020 since the pandemic began, there has been a rise in this type of crime, and we must be vigilant at guarding our personal information. 

Bio-One Has Your Back

While these aren’t the only crimes we need to prevent, it’s a good place to start. The easiest way to prevent crime is to connect and build community. In neighborhoods where people feel close to each other, they are more likely to watch out for each other. We here at Bio-One New Haven support National Crime Prevention Month. We encourage you to research, reach out to members of your community, and do your part to protect your neighbors! 


If you ever find yourself the victim of a crime, you can call Bio-One New Haven County any time day or night. We hope you never need us, but if you do, we are here for you 24/7/365. Calls are always answered by our owner and our response time to your location is typically under 1 hour.  Bio-One of New Haven County / People First, Business Second!